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There is a lot of talk about artificial intelligence, but finding information and solutions beyond the hype can be challenging. Our tailored trainings help anyone to understand the limitations and benefits of AI specific to their own fields.

Our trainings are suitable for anyone who is not an expert in AI. The part 01 demystifies AI helping you to see the opportunities where you can actually use it (and where you shouldn’t). The second part is for experts and specialists who want to learn how to use machine learning in their own work. And finally, the third training offers a targeted insight into your specific problems with the lense of articial intelligence as a tool to provide a solution.

All of our trainings can be conducted as packets or as individual sessions. The training sessions can be arranged remotely using a communication medium chosen based on the client's wishes. The number of participants can be limited according to the client's requests to cater the training for the audience in question. The sessions can be facilitated in Finnish or in English.

The training is organized by AI and machine learning experts from Emblica. Emblica is a consulting company building real-world AI solutions using the latest research in the field.

"This was a good introduction to the subject. The presenter was clear and said things in an understandable way. The two hours covered a lot of things."

Feedback from a course participant (translation from Finnish)

01 The Beginning: Adding some common sense to artificial intelligence

Not sure what artificial intelligence actually means? Unsure what machines learn in machine learning? Our low-threshold training in artificial intelligence and related terminology is aimed at beginners - no prior knowledge of the discussed technologies is required!

What you can expect

The training covers the basics of artificial intelligence and related terms through examples. The training will teach you how to identify the problems you should try to solve with artificial intelligence. This session does not include mathematics, software libraries or coding. You will be given concrete tools to identify where artificial intelligence should be utilized, and where it should not.

The training is divided into two sections

1) Common sense for artificial intelligence

2) Artificial intelligence in your own field.

"A difficult topic for a beginner (like myself). But I'm glad I attended because the training succeeded in telling things just in a way that I understood enough, gained a lot of knowledge and can now deepen my understanding at my own pace. A really good training!"

Feedback from a course participant (translation from Finnish)

02 The First Steps: Using machine learning in expert work

This training provides technical tools for utilizing machine learning as part of your own expert work. As a prerequisite, the basics of data processing will help participants to understand the topic and keep up with the content.

What you can expect

This training is fully customizable to the needs of the client organization, covering a specific field of industry, science or technology. The attendees have a possibility to ask questions before the training and get the answers included into the session. Knowledge about the data processing skills of participants will be used to modify the contents of this training so that we can choose the best fitting software libraries and case examples.

The training is divided into two sections

1) Data processing and machine learning in your field

2) Example project - how to utilize the tools

03 Testing technologies: solving your real world problem with machine learning methods

An analytical look into a real world problem hosen by the customer, including a solution planning workshop. This training hepls your team to see where machine learning could be utilized, and lays out ways on how to get started with a concrete machine learning project.

What you can expect

The workshop results in making a conrete solution plan to an existing problem selected in advance by the Customer. The training will feature a pre-prepared solution and technology catalogue based on the problem. Through the customized catalogue the training participants will learn what machine learning methods are best to use with the problem at hand. In addition, a concrete plan is created for the implementation of the company's first machine learning project to solve the said problem.

The training is divided into two sections

1) Customized solution and technology catalogue

2) Project plan or roadmap on how to solve your problem with machine learning methods

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