Emblica is looking for an experienced back end developer to join us in Helsinki. You’d be working, as a part of our team, on cases at the very core of our client’s business. We like to solve problems that are unique, complex and where our people can feel they make a difference.

Data engineer knows what one has to do to make data usable and has the understanding on how to compose machine learning models. We are looking for a person with knowledge about architecture, and the ability to communicate and explain technologies and methodologies to other people.

We think that a good data engineer is capable of explaining what data engineering is. Finding the right questions and answers within a project is natural to him, and doing things like backend systems, database optimization, establishing data consistency, teaching and infrastructure building is all very doable. Data engineer can also be skilled in DevOps or in Computer science in general.

We start our weeks with a breakfast together at the office. Every Wednesday we play board games and just hang out after work. We try to do as much together as we can while keeping good work/life -balance. Emblica is made of truly exceptional people and we are all friends here. As an organization we are extremely flat and like to give our people the tools and the freedom to make Emblica even better place.


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