Are you a bit hungrier than the average coder? We offer you a unique chance to grow as a top-tier professional instead of doing the basic nine-to-five programming job. If you are looking for something different, hear us out!

Emblica is a company of young bright minds started back in 2013 by students from the University of Helsinki. In addition to rock-solid programming, our group of nine people helps companies with AI, machine learning, big data and DevOps. Our goal is to help our clients solve the hardest technical problems out there!

You could be part of our consulting team that produces exciting PoCs, MVPs and new solutions to our customers. We will always match projects with your skills and interests to ensure you’re just enough on your toes to learn, yet comfortable to be confident.

Working as a consultant offers a lot of freedom, because you get to choose what you work with. All members of our team carry a lot of responsibility in their projects, and get to learn new stuff every day from their colleagues. We believe in a relaxed workplace where good, skilled people can be trusted to get the job done even if they start their day at 10 AM. Most importantly, we are all friends who love to solve hard technical problems and want to help others – so why not to join our team?

Perks of working at Emblica
  • Warm and relaxed atmosphere by the world class team
  • Company dinner, board games and demos every Wednesday
  • Competitive salaries
  • Extensive health insurance
  • Choose your own tools
We are currently looking for talents in these areas:
  • Full-stack engineer
  • Front end engineer
  • Back end engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Data scientist
  • DevOps engineer

If you are up to new challenges

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